Making a decision to go with a travel insurance for the first time is a nice decision for your trip. There are numerous benefits of buying travel insurance, because it provides a feeling of protection or security. If you think that buying travel insurance is a fairly new concept for you, then there is a plenty of information available on the internet that you can consider. I am writing this article for all people who need perfect information with regards to buying travel insurance. Also, I am providing tips and tricks that will help you to save money. Not only this, but this post will offer you the great insights on how to overcome the travel insurance challenges with efficacy.


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What You’ll Learn

  • 5 Tips for Selecting Travel Insurance
  • Important Tips for Buying Travel Insurance for First Time
  • Best Tips for Saving Money on Travel Insurance

It is true that selecting the right Travel Insurance Company offering right privileges to the end user is an overwhelming task. There are plenty of websites that are offering the price comparison of different insurance plans. However, it is not advised that you just scan the pricing list and go for buying a travel insurance plan. I highly prefer that you must conduct a proper research with regards to the options that you have for buying a travel insurance. You must ensure that your all requirements and needs are fulfilled and covered within your preferred travel insurance plan. I have gathered the 5 important tips for selecting the right travel insurance. Check it out!!

5 Tips for Selecting Right Travel Insurance:


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 Basic Coverage: 

Basic Coverage – is a must for most of the people. Also, medical coverage is an integral part of almost any type of travel insurance policy. Travelers want to know that they will get the medical assistance during traveling, if they meet any medical emergency. Therefore, it is recommended that they must opt for travel insurance company that is providing sufficient coverage in the event of a medical crisis. Moreover, with regards to luggage and personal items, always make sure that your selected policy is offering you a sufficient level of coverage for all personal items and bags.

Bases Should be Covered: 

Bases should be covered – a vital thing that you must keep in your mind is that there is an intense competition within the field of travel insurance. A lot of travel insurance providers are trying hard that their policy should be clearly visible on the internet and for this reason they always try to take the top slot on Google and other search engines. For this reasons, a lot of companies are investing money in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get the first slot on Google’s first page, so that their listings could be viewed mostly by the customers. For this reasons, it is advised that you must not pay attention to the top listings, but always make some research before making any final verdict. Another thing that you must comprehend that a lot of travelers might already be covered without even knowing it. For instance, a lot of financial institutions such as Credit Unions, Banks, etc., do provide basic travel insurance to their customers without charging them any money.  Also, a lot of credit card companies offer coverage to their card holders. For this reason, it is always wise to check these options at first place before shopping the new travel insurance. By taking these measures you will be able to save a lot of time, money and will avoid frustration.

Cancellation Policy: 

Always check the cancellation policy – It is important that you must check the cancellation policy of your selected insurance plan. What happens if anybody cancel their travel plans or cut their journey short? In this situation, you must have the answers to the three basic questions. 1- Will the travel insurance cover the cancellation? 2 – Will there be costly expenses associated with any altered plan? If the company is offering the cancellation coverage then the last question that you must have an answer to this 3 – What is covered and to what degree? For Instance, a good travel insurance policy will offer about $5,000 to $10,000, which would cover any travel plans already organized or paid in advance. Not only this, but also make sure that your selected travel insurance plan must have coverage to bring you back to your home in the event your journey is cut short, they must bear the cost of bringing you  back.

All Destinations & Places Coverage:

With your insurance plan always make sure that all destinations and the placed that you are going to visit must be covered. It is evident that the insurance companies are selective while creating their insurance plans and policies. Keep this thing in mind, it is necessary that you must check whether your selected plan is offering you coverage at all places. For instance, most of the companies are not offering coverage if you are going to visit U.S. and the Caribbean. On the other hand, the European travel policies do cover the visits to African countries such as Egypt and Morocco. Therefore, it is extremely important that you must review the insurance policy terms and conditions along with their restrictions before making a final decision.

Paying Attention to Travel Needs & Frequency:

If you are a frequent traveler and make more than three trips in a year, then it would be great to invest in a travel insurance policy. Not only will this option offer you the year – round coverage, but will eventually save your money. As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important that you must check the terms and conditions of all policies whether it a single or an annual trip. For example, some single trip policies will offer you coverage for 45 days, while other will offer you coverage just for 21 days.

Note: These are some of the tips that will eventually enable you to locate the best travel insurance plan meeting your needs. I have researched a lot and found these 5 tips to be amazing for selecting the right travel insurance. However, I know that selecting the travel insurance at the first time is always a very confusing job. Therefore, I am also providing important tip[s for buying travel insurance for people who are going to avail it for the first time. 

Important Tips for Buying Travel Insurance for First Time:travel-insurance-08

Reading Policy & Documents:

This is the most crucial and important thing that should be done with priority. I know it is not a fun task, but it is extremely important that you must comprehend what will and what not be covered within your selected travel insurance policy.

Making Checklist:

Before your trip, it is advised that you must document your belongings and should take the pictures of all belongings that you are going to carry with you. This is extremely important for your special valuables. Moreover, you must make a checklist of all the things that you’ve packed. In case you’ve to file a claim then this checklist will be a proof of ownership and will help in your claim process.

Understanding Pre-existing Illness/Condition:

It is a most confusing thing to understand the definition of the pre-existing condition. Therefore, you must understand completely that what a pre-existing condition is. It is possible that you might have a pre-existing condition, and you don’t know that how it is classified within your travel policy. It is important that you must know the exact definition and have proper information about your pre-existing condition.

Free-Look Period:

This is very important information and might be you don’t have any idea about this. Normally, you have 14 days to cancel your travel insurance after your scheduled departure. If you cancel it within 14 days’ period then you can get your premium paid refunded.

Don’t go for a price:

It is advised that never to make a decision solely by considering the price factor. The main and central focus of getting the travel insurance is to have a coverage of things that are of concern.  Therefore, make it sure that you are going to pick the appropriate policy, not a cheap one. Opting out for a policy just because it is cheap could possibly put you in a risky or difficult situation of not getting the coverage that you need the most.

Buy when you Book:

If you are keen and have made a decision to buy a travel insurance, do so when you book the trip to ensure that you may get the coverage that you want.

Insuring the Actual Trip Cost:

You might estimate the trip expenses when you are going to get a quote, but when you purchase a policy make sure to provide the actual and correct cost amount. If not, the chances are always there that you are not going to get the coverage that you have thought about.

Important Note: I think it’s pretty much with regards to getting a Travel Insurance, but that is not much. I always love to provide a complete picture to my readers, and for this reason I am always looking for more options. I was searching on the Internet and came to know that there are certain tips by which you can save money on travel insurance. I made an extensive research and by analyzing I came to know that you could probably save a lot of money on Travel Insurance: Below here are the tips that I found really cool with regards to saving money on travel insurance. 

5 Best Tips for Saving Money on Travel Insurance:


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Here are top 5 tips that will help you to save money while getting senior travel insurance:

Buying Insurance Policy from Insurer:

Yes it is true, you must know that if you book your travel insurance with any airline or any travel agent then they will likely to charge you 50% commission on top. I know it is quite a convenient method at the time of booing your holiday, but know the truth that in such case you are going to pay twice much money as you need for the privilege. Moreover, if you’re going to tick the check “YES” when booking your flight online, then you won’t be getting the ideal policy for your holiday.

Buy as a Group or Couple

If you are traveling in a group or with your family and friend then getting a travel insurance policy for a group is quite cheaper as compare to buying individually. Also, you must know that for couples there are a Duo policies that are even cheaper and can be purchased to save your money.

How often you go on Holiday:

As a retired person like me you might be traveling much like me. If you travel more than twice a year than it is recommended that you must go with an annual multi-trip policy. The main benefit of getting such type of policies is that they cover you for as many trips you can take within a year (domestically or internationally), and there is no need to tell your insurer every time you travel.

Increase your excess:

Yes, it is a great option, and you can save a lot of money by paying the cost of your premiums by opting to pay a higher excess of you like to make a claim. This sounds too good and well, but always remember that if you want to make a claim then you’’ be paying more.

Are you eligible for a discount?:

If you’ve used the travel insurance in your post then might be you are eligible for a loyalty discount. It didn’t mean that you might have bought the insurance policy in past, but it can be any insurance type such as car insurance or home insurance too. Therefore, if you have bought any insurance policy previously, you can get the discount from a same company on a travel insurance. However, you must keep in mind that the price will differ from person to person or insurer to insurer. However, the easiest way in this regard is to compare the prices on comparison websites. They will allow you to enter your trip details and will display the quotes coming from different insurers to help you to make your choice.

These were few tips that will eventually help you a lot. Please note that the success of getting the right travel insurance is always to pay attention to your details and to stick with the discussion mentioned above. Lastly, make sure that you get the right insurance for your trip to enjoy your holiday with a feel that you’re covered.

That’s enough from my side. If you people have specific questions, and you would like something more than you can use the comment box below or simply get Subscribe to get the latest information. I would like to have your comments.  Happy Holiday!!

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