If you are living in the UK and you are a pet owner, you must be knowing that after cats and dogs, rabbits are the most loved pet. In my previous posts, I have covered the topics of dog pet insurance and Travel insurance. Today, my main emphasis is to provide you the real insights regarding rabbit insurance. In this article I will try my level best to review the different pet insurance options that you have for your rabbit and will compare the cover and costs that will eventually help you to locate the best rabbit insurance.


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What You’ll Learn  

  • What is Rabbit Pet Insurance?
  • Which companies are offering rabbit insurance?
  • How to compare different rabbit insurance policies?
  • How much will it cost you to have Pet Insurance for Rabbit?
  • Is Pet Insurance for Rabbits Worth It?

Attention: These are some of the questions that I will try to cover within my post. If you are looking for pet insurance for rabbits, then this post will provide you a clear insight. Moreover, this post is equally good for those who are looking the answer for “How much is rabbit insurance?” If you are looking for other insurance plans and details, then subscribe below.

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What is Rabbit Pet Insurance? 

Rabbits are considered ad the hottest pet within the UK right after cats and dogs. Like other pets, they are also stored Indoors and could be home educated. Mainly, they are kept in hutches and are always glad to nibble on the garden as well as some backyards crops. Rabbits are not different, but they are more like us as they fall ailing, have illnesses and accidents at the same time.


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The primary purpose of Pet Insurance for rabbits is to present them one of the best veterinary services when they need the most. Sadly, the vet costs are getting higher day by day because of the medical advancements. Chances are there that you are confronted by the higher costs of the vet, and you think about to leave your lovely pet alone. Luckily, for people who are in love with their rabbits have a chance to get the rabbit per insurance. There are several best pet insurance companies that you can consider, but the thing is that the cost of every plan differ from the type of breed that you have.

With the best rabbit pet insurance coverage, you can insure your loved pet towards the cost of veterinary remedies. A perfect rabbit insurance coverage take out the fear and nervousness to take your fear to a qualified vet. It makes sure that you take your favourite bunny to the qualified pet for a perfect treatment without thinking much about the cost.

Which is the Best Pet Rabbit Insurance Company? 

I will try to provide you a list of best pet insurance companies that will provide you the coverage for your rabbits. Below is the list of the companies that I found credible for getting rabbit insurance. I have selected these companies after consulting several blogs and forums. You can count on these companies if you are concerned to have pet insurance for rabbits.

Pet Plan Insurance | Rabbit Pet Insurance:

Petplan Insurance - Pet Insurance for a Rabbit

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Pet Plan Insurance is providing a comprehensive insurance plan for rabbits. Whether it is an illness or just an ongoing injury, you can make a claim with this insurance group. However, you must know that making a claim for the veterinary fee will only cover £2,000/Annually while the rest of the amount will be bear by you.

Helpucover | Rabbit Pet Insurance:


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According to the recent statistics, around 1.5 million pet rabbits in the UK are not vaccinated at the appropriate time, due to which they get the disease(s) or even die. Helpucover Pet Insurance provides vet fee up to £2,000 per year. Rabbit insurance can start from the age of 8 weeks.  

Pets at Home Insurance | Insurance for Rabbits: 

Pets At Home - Pet Insurance for a Rabbit

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Rabbit is the most spirited, playful and pretty animal on the earth. In case of illness or any disease, it needs medical treatment and care just like the human, but that may be proved costly in case if your pet is not insured. Any accident or attack on a rabbit can be covered with its insurance if acquired from Pets At Home Insurance group. This insurance company can save your hundreds of pounds because it offers average claim amount for dental treatment to £242, £358 for abdominal finding and £769 for an abscess. In case of injury or illness, the claim for a vet fee may range from £7.50 per month to £1,500 per year.

Pets 4 Homes Insurance | Insurance for Rabbits:

Pets 4 Homes - Pet Insurance for a Rabbit

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One of the renowned insurance groups in the UK, Pets 4 Homes Insurance, provides a comprehensive insurance plan for insuring the rabbit(s). Veterinary fees in case of illness, accident, injuries or other health-related issues are usually paid by the insurance providers, depending upon the requirements of the pet owners. In case your rabbit is involved in any liability, then legal advice or assistance with legal fee may be offered.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI Insurance): 

VPI-Insurance - Pet Insurance for a Rabbit

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If you are holding a rabbit as a pet, then getting an insurance plan from the VPI Insurance would just be perfect for you. Reimbursements and dedicated customer services are the best features of this insurance group. They offer affordable insurance plans that cover accidents, illness, medical treatments, lab fee, hospitalisation charges and so on.

Exotic Direct | Pet Insurance for Rabbits:


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This is a specialist and the best pet insurance company providing coverage for unusual pets. If you are dealing within this company for your rabbit pet insurance then you can expect immediate cover, death & theft cover, vet fee cover, 5 days claim processing, claim payment to vet and an interest free (0%) Direct Debit Scheme.

Attention: I am presenting the list of the best companies providing rabbit pet insurance best to my knowledge. However, I am not pushy here that readers must go with the rabbit insurance plan. However, my main intention here is to delineate the mostly asked questions about rabbit pet insurance.

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Comparing Different Rabbit Insurance Policies? 

Petplan offers £2,000 of coverage, and £750 of complementary treatments coverage. You must know that PetPlan is, in fact, a “covered for life” policy (A lifetime rabbit insurance policy), and it will keep on providing coverage annually, even if your rabbit is having some sort of ongoing medical condition. If you are going to insure a 3 years old male rabbit, then PetPlan will cost you about £10 per month. Not only this, but PetPlan is also offering a 10% online discount.

Helpucover offers almost the same level of rabbit insurance covering the vet fee just as Petplan is covering through its premier policy. However, you can expect a few pounds difference between two as helpucover is a bit cheaper as compared to the Petplan Insurance.

Exotic Direct is also offering £2,000 of coverage for rabbits including vet cos. On the other hand, the exotic direct is charging £135/year to insure a rabbit, with an option to spread the cost across 10 monthly payments.

Pets at Home Insurance provides coverage up to £1,500 of vet bills but is offering some other benefits, including coverage for advertising and reward cost if your rabbit is stolen.

How much will it cost you to have Pet Insurance for Rabbit?


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How much is rabbit insurance? This is the most asked question because it is directly related to cost, as the cost is the major factor in making the decision to go with the pet insurance or not. Normally the rabbit pet insurance will cost you between £6 and £14 a month. However, there are two main factors that will ultimately result in cheaper or expensive cost of insuring your rabbit.

  • Your Postcode: 

This means that the insurance coverage is different at different places. The vet prices tend to be higher in London as compared to South East England, and, therefore, the rabbit insurance will be more likely to higher subsequently. For instance, the rabbit insurance offered by PetPlan for 3 years old rabbit in South East London is about £14.44 and is £10.39 in Ayrshire where vets are cheaper.

  • The Company You Select for Rabbit Insurance: 

When I made my research particularly within this area, I came to know that Helpucover is offering the cheapest prices. Amazingly, in contrast to the cats & dogs, the breed of rabbits makes no difference at all with regards to the rabbit insurance. I ran the rabbit insurance quotes for different rabbits with all the rabbit insurance companies mentioned above, and when I reviewed them closely, I came to know that the price was same regardless of what breed I selected.

Is Pet Insurance for Rabbits Worth It?


The answer to this question differ from person to person. The primary reason that a person go with the pet insurance is to provide the coverage for veterinary treatments along with other medical expenses, in case the rabbit is ill or is injured in an accident. Medical conditions such as rhinitis and snuffles are the most occurring ones, and the illnesses such as fly strike and parasites like coccidiosis are mostly treated by the vets.

Whether you own a horse, dog, cat or rabbit as a pet, pet insurance is mostly suggested by the veterinary surgeons and other medicinal vet professionals. Being as a pet owner, we often wrongly assume that having a pet insurance means that you can cover the replacement cost of the pet in case of its theft, loss or death. But that is not the case. In the event of owning a rabbit as a pet just to enjoy its company, pet insurance for a rabbit in such a situation may seem to be of some value in the form of financial remuneration that the pet owner has to bear to comfort itself in the case of loss or death of a pet.

In the end the ball is in your court, as only you can decide whether it is best to have a rabbit pet insurance or to simple pay the vet bills as they are arising every single day.

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