A dog is a man’s best friend, I don’t know who made this statement, but this is right. After retirement and living in a rental apartment with my wife wasn’t easy, but then Jack came in my life when I bought it from my friend. He was just a few weeks old when I brought him to my apartment. It’s been 3 years now that I am in love with Jack. I can whole heartedly say that he is just my best partner in my sorrows and grieves and he knows exactly my mood.


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Besides all these happiness that Jack has brought in my life, I know that he needs special care too. With low income and high veterinarian charges, it was hard for me to manage the expenses. I was looking for a Cheap Pet Insurance for Dogs”, but wasn’t able to find my feet to get the company offering best value pet insurance for dogs. Even though, this was a new idea for me to have a pet insurance, as I used to believe that pet insurance was a ripoff, but now I have changed my mind completely.

I am writing this post for people who believe that getting pet insurance isn’t a perfect choice. For such people, I must say that getting pet insurance is the most polarizing issue within the pet community. Here are some points that I will cover within this post that will shed light on the given topic in a broader spectrum.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Pet Insurance?
  • The Pros & Cons of Getting Pet Insurance
  • Do you need Pet Insurance?
  • Why do you need Pet Insurance for Dogs?
  • Managing the cost of Pet Insurance
  • Things need to consider before taking Pet Insurance
  • 5 Important Question to Ask before buying Pet Insurance for Dogs

When I was looking for the best company offering the best value pet insurance for dogs, I came to know that pet owners are spending nearly $24 billion dollars annually on vet bills as reported by the American Veterinary Medical Association. My dog Jack was experiencing multiple allergies and dysplasia and for that reason it was hard for me to meet the financial burden associated with the medical treatment. Luckily, I found the best vet within the town and keep visiting him, but the financial constraint forced me to think about the insurance coverage plan.

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What is Best Value Pet Insurance for Dogs?


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Having an insurance plan isn’t a new idea as you might have insurance for your house, car and for yourself if you are a middle-aged person like me. But have you ever thought about having an insurance plan for a pet? Best value pet insurance for dogs is just like a health insurance that you have for yourself and your family, but with an obvious animal focus. Now the question that most of the people ask here is that Is Dog Insurance Worth It?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person as there are several policy options to choose from. Secondly, the price range of every policy depends entirely on the coverage options that you want for your dog. The normal Pet insurance policies cover the routine vet checkups while another only cover the great health risks such as cancer treatments. Moreover, you’ll get the monthly premiums, just like any other insurance plan, and you’ll get the coverage that is available within the package you have selected.

Note: I realize the fact that getting a pet insurance plan is somewhat a polarizing issue within a community, and for this reason I am not here pushing the readers to get the cheap pet insurance for dogs, but my main intention is to provide the answer to the commonly asked pet insurance questions. I must say that pet insurance isn’t a choice for everyone as it is up to you whether to get insurance for your pet or not.   

Do you Really Need Pet Insurance for Dogs?


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This is a most commonly asked question by the pet owners that whether they should go for the pet insurance or not? If you are a pet parent like me, then you have 2 options in your hand.

  • Your Pet or Dog will always need some Veterinary Care
  • It Isn’t Cheap

Pros & Cons of Getting Pet Insurance for Dogs:


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As described there are a lot of advantages of getting cheap pet insurance. However, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of buying pet insurance. Here is a complete overview of Pros & Cons of having pet insurance for your dog. Check it out!!


Getting the best value pet insurance for dogs from a best pet insurance company is a difficult medical decision, such as undergoing the chemotherapy, because your selected insurance company will be charging you some cost. If you are concerned about your pet, and you are worried about the financial burden with regards to your vet then it is recommended that you must look for a best pet insurance company with less premium and covering major medical events.

The great benefit of getting best value pet insurance for dogs is that you can hire any certified veteran for your pet. Depending upon the plan you choose, the catastrophic events can be covered in full by your selected insurance company, and that is extremely beneficial for your budget.

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Cost is the biggest negative of getting the cheap pet insurance for dogs. Obviously, you are paying the company on a monthly basis, and your dog is not getting treatment every month. Moreover, just like car insurance and home insurance, the pet insurance policies are always very confusing as it is very hard to grasp fully the wording of the policy document unless you are an expert.

Not only this but comparing different pet insurance policies are always very confusing and will mislead you. The range of the price is determined by the coverage that you desire within your plan. The other pitfall of getting the insurance coverage is that some companies will ask for the upfront bill payment. It is highly recommended that you must pay attention to the words that so that you may not easily drop from the policy if your pet develops a chronic condition.

So.. Should You Need the Dog Pet Insurance?


The answer to this question will vary for every pet parent. In case you are thinking to get the pet insurance then you need to talk with your trusted veterinarian. You can also contact with the other dog owners in your area to ask about their experience with the pet insurance policy.

Here is a quick checklist to consider while opting for pet insurance:

  • Ask them how they are handling the pre-existing condition
  • There are some dog breeds restrictions on different policies if they consider them risky, find out if your dog breed in on the list
  • Some insurance companies is also offering multiple pet discounts
  • Sometimes you will be rewarded with different add-ons such as dental and travel insurance
  • The important is that you must find out that how their reimbursement timeline works

Managing the Cost of Pet Insurance:


It is evident that veterinary medicines are becoming more advanced, because of the technological advancement made in the recent years. This means that your veterinarian bills are also accelerating. For a lot of pet owners, the cost of care is simply a headache. Therefore, getting the dog pet insurance is the best remedy to cover the bills for treatment, diagnostics and managing your dog’s illnesses.

You must comprehend the idea that pet insurance isn’t for everyone. If you are thinking about to get the one then you must talk with your veterinary doctor at a first place.

Here is a list of some basic consideration:  

  1.  The insurance provider should clearly spell out the details, including the limitations and exclusions, of coverage such as routine checkups and emergency treatment coverage.
  2. Make sure whether your pet insurance premium will be increased with your growing pet or in case you made any claim.
  3. Ask whether the company is offering the add-on options to offer any specific coverage such as dental or travel insurance etc.
  4. Ask them how they are going to deal with the pre-existing condition (diseases or illnesses that you’re pet already have)
  5. All cost factors, such as deductibles, add-on charges co-pays and other fees must be conveyed and should be clearly explained to you.
  6. You must be allowed to choose any veterinarian of your choice, who will provide the medical facility to your pet.
  7. You must keep in your mind that pet insurance plans are the reimbursement plans – as you pay the bills, and the insurance provider reimburses them. If you are worried about covering the expenses, then you must ask your veterinarian regarding the payment options that will work you like a charm if you need to make further arrangements.

These are things that I have learned by making extensive research online with regards to finding the best pet insurance company for my Jack. However, this isn’t just an end I would like to mention here that You Can’t Predict your Dog’s Health, But You Can Simply Protect It by having best pet insurance company.

 Here is a list of top 5 questions that must be answered before buying Pet Insurance:

Dog Insurance-infographic

 Have you learned anything from this post? Would you like to have more Insights ? If Yes then simply comment Below!! 

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