Planning for a holiday trip, but considering travel insurance an extra burden on your budget? Why? Travel insurance is the most important element while preparing for a journey. A trip without insurance can cost you thousands of pounds in case you have to experience any medical emergency. Before finalising any insurance policy, make sure that it covers all the essential elements that are required for your traveling.

Atlas Direct Travel Insurance

Atlas Direct Travel Insurance is the UK based insurance firm that offers all types of insurance policies at highly reasonable premiums. Whether you need a single trip or annual multi trip policy, we provide travel covers that are tailored according to your requirements. By contacting us, you can get as many travel covers in the year for your trip as you like.

At Atlas Direct, we have insurance plans that are underwritten by SOLID, which is a Swedish based insurance firm. Making a claim at Atlas Direct Insurance Group is quite simple.

Atlas Travel Insurance

To make a claim, you initially need to check the appropriate section of your insurance policy and the certificate to ensure that what you want to claim is covered in your plan.

To whenever the incident happens, you are required to make a claim within thirty one days from the date when the incident occurred. In order to get a claim form, make a telephonic call to Our Claims Helpline. Mention details like your name, short details as to why you are making a claim and the certificate number. Whatsoever claim you are going to make, you are required to dispatch the original insurance certificate with the original holiday booking invoice.

At Atlas Direct, we ensure that we offer high quality covers to the top companies in the world at a price that none of the other companies can offer. We also guarantee that if, for the same policy, you find a price lower than ours at the competitors, we will reduce the price without any objection. This signifies what unique prices we offer to our valuable customers.

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