Travel InsuranceSummer vacation is at its peak and while planning for it, we must not overlook the importance of travel insurance. Getting a travel insurance is as essential for a trip as is acquiring the visa and tickets. Travel insurance works just like an umbrella in unexpected circumstances, while protecting and compensating you, in order to release the burden of expenses from your pocket. Obtaining a comprehensive insurance plan is more beneficial than any other thing. A complete policy that could cover all the important features from ambulance transferring to the hospital bills, loss of baggage and missed flights are preferred by all.

When it comes to purchasing the travel insurance, most people arise question as to when should it be bought? For some people, insurance policy begins as soon as they buy it or on the day of traveling. This confusion makes the people think twice as to when should it be actually purchased.

To get the exact information about it, you need to understand your insurance policy coverage and when it would be effective. When buying travel insurance, remember that it involves all the elements of traveling, including medical and financial issues like flight cancellation, loss of baggage and missed flights. Such insurance plans usually come into effect on the day of traveling.

Travel Insurance CoverageGetting an insurance policy after the booking of the flight is the wise decision you can ever make. In case of a missing flight or injury occured during the traveling, you would be compensated with your insurance plan.

The question arises, if in case, any calamity occurs before the traveling, then how the insurance company would deal with this matter under such circumstances? The answer is quite simple. If you get an accident or injury prior to two weeks or before, then obviously, it would not be included in the travel insurance. Instead, you will be covered under the medical health insurance, personal insurance, life insurance or to somewhat auto insurance, in case the accident or injury arises while driving a car.

Remember that your travel insurance coverage always starts and ends at the time of traveling. From the day of your departure to the arrival of your home back, your travel insurance works. Any incident arisen before or after the day of your arrival would be covered under the separate insurance policies that you have.

So, you must never forget to buy the travel insurance on the same day when your flight is booked because, it would be much easier to protect yourself and your family in case of missing flight, loss of baggage and flight cancellation.

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